Last week, we shared our ACCE by Skubbs methodology in which we deep dived and discussed about how using different Digital Marketing tools; keywordssocial media and blogs – can help you to attract your website’s strangers to become long-time visitors. Today, in our last part of our Big Rock’s “Attract” series, we will be talking about how having an email newsletter is another great digital marketing tool which you should definitely include to help attract strangers to visitors.


Email newsletters are regularly occurring emails that include primarily informational content from your website that is sent out to a list of subscribers typically on a regular interval. Many businesses of all sizes use this powerful marketing method to communicate with their customers on their latest news, updates and promotions. Email newsletters are also highly effective to increase brand awareness, build your online community and bring in more traffic to your website.

If you want people to visit your website, it’s simply not enough to hope that your customers will visit your site organically – having an email newsletter can help to play an active role in your site’s traffic and sales. So how do you create an effective email newsletter?

  1. Know Your Target Audience
    Before you create a newsletter, it’s important to ask yourself these questions first: Who is your audience? Why do they care about your brand? What do they want to see from you? Addressing these questions can help you to build an effective and engaging newsletter that resonates with your target audience.
  2. Have A Compelling Opening Line
    First impressions are everything – same goes for your newsletter’s subject line. Most email recipients do a quick scan by reading your subject line first so if you wish to increase your open rates and CTRs, entice and catch you email receiver’s eye attention with unique, compelling and thought provoking subject lines. Remember to keep them to not more than five words with interesting and catchy words.
  3. Keep Your Content Simple
    The average person takes about 50 seconds to read a newsletter so it’s important to keep your newsletter content simple and accessible for them to read. Keeping your content scannable with brief blurbs, snapshots, takeaways or bullet points, and also including call to action buttons, will give your readers’ eyes some relief.
  4. Give Them Enough Reason To Click
    Don’t give away all your content in a simple email – satisfy your readers with just enough information but also leave them eager to learn more. You should use your newsletter as a great opportunity to tease your content and create interest so your readers will click through to your website or blog. That’s why it’s important to end your newsletter with an eye-catching Call To Action (CTA) button which compels your receiver to take action. You can include clear, strong and specific CTAs after each content block so your readers know they need to “Learn More”, “Read More” or “Watch the video” for more details.

Email Newsletter Platform Alternatives

There are many great automated email marketing tools out there for you to generate and kickstart your newsletter campaigns. Here are the ones we definitely recommend:

  1. Mailchimp: Arguably the most well-known email marketing platform, Mailchimp is great for beginners who are looking to kickstart their very first email marketing campaign. With a simple and user-friendly design interface, their campaign builder makes building campaigns a total breeze. Importing and exporting your list is also really easy to use too.
  2. Moosend: Another great alternative to Mailchimp, Moosend also provides a user-friendly campaign builder with a fool-proof drag-and-drop editor that empowers users to create powerful and gorgeous newsletter that will look good on any device.

Having an email newsletter for your business is a cost-effective solution that gives you the power to reach customers in the place most people visit everyday – their email inbox. Creating an effective and personalized email newsletter requires time and effort but the value it provides to your customers and business is invaluable. Do you need help in creating an effective Email Newsletter strategy for your business? Let our dedicated and professional team of Digital Marketers help you! Speak to us at [email protected] to learn more. TRANSFORM your business’s online presence today!

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