Here’s how this decentralized marketplace could change the internet.

Introduction is a platform that allows its users to buy, sell, and trade securely without relying on any third-party service.

Their mission statement is to make buying and selling goods and services more more open, fair, and efficient.


  • You can buy and sell crypto directly to people without a bank account.

A decentralized marketplace gives you the option to sell your goods for crypto or fiat, but it’s also possible to use decentralized marketplaces to buy goods directly with cryptocurrencies. In fact, some of the most popular decentralized marketplaces are based on this premise.

It’s easy to see why this is important: over 2 billion people around the world do not have access to traditional banking services. They live in developing countries, where there is no reliable banking infrastructure or where they simply cannot afford it. This makes it difficult for them to participate in the global economy and participate in global trade. With a decentralized marketplace, these people can trade directly with others around the world. They are not required to have their money exchanged into their local currency first.


  • You don’t need to worry about chargebacks or fraud

Chargebacks happen when someone tries to dispute a transaction after paying for something using their credit card or PayPal account — basically, it allows them to take back what they bought without any consequences. That’s because their bank or payment provider will refund them if something goes wrong with their purchase (for example, if a seller doesn’t deliver what you’ve agreed on).

  1. Online shopping is one of the most popular trends today. 

People are looking for new ways to buy and sell their products, services, and experiences.

However, e-commerce has many problems. The most important one is centralization.

The solution for this problem is a decentralized marketplaces. This type of market has no central authority that can decide what is sold or how much it costs. Instead, it uses blockchain technology to create an open environment where buyers and sellers can meet directly, without middlemen and without compromising on security or privacy.


Do you plan to buy and sell stuff using crypto but don’t know how?

If yes, then is here with a solution. They have created a decentralized marketplace where buyers and sellers can meet, create offers and sell goods & services. AND it’s completely free to use. 

Our platform helps in making payments hassle-free, trust-less and secure transactions.

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