How to select keywords

Keyword is one of the strategies which you can use to attract strangers and convert them into visitors. With a proper set of focus keywords, you can optimise and improve your primary digital marketing tools such as your website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Yes, keyword is the main factor to bridge your website and audience together on search engine results. But are you targeting the RIGHT keywords to your audience? After all, it’s not always about attracting visitors to your site but about getting the right kind of audience so you can potentially convert them into sales opportunities.

Back to Basics: What Are Keywords?

Keywords are the words and phrases that best describe the content and topics you write on your website. They are also what web users are searching for on their search engines. With these two combined, they are essentially what connects your website content to your target audience on the web.

To Find the Right Keywords, You Need Keyword Research

To benefit from keywords, you need to know how to find and use them. And to do that, you need to begin with keyword research.

So what is keyword research? It is the practice of finding the terms that people enter into search engines so you can use them for content creation on your website. Keyword research helps you to analyze and understand your customer’s head by finding relevant topics to include in your content strategy. When you know exactly what your customer is looking, you can easily optimize your content to deliver the answers they are looking for. When you get your keywords right, you also get to improve your search engine rankings – which improves your visibility on search engine results which also ultimately leads to more traffic and conversions.

Improve your effectiveness with SEO Tools

To kickstart your keyword research, you need a reliable SEO tool to guide and lead you on the right path. A SEO tool is essential to help you find new opportunities, analyze data effectively and help keep track of how your SEO can be boosted. There are many great SEO tools out there but the ones we would highly recommend are Adword Keyword Planner, AHrefs and SEMRush. These SEO tools are free on some level but are worth investing due to their SEO effectiveness and results efficiency.

Metrics To Consider in Keyword Selection

Now that you got most of the important components covered, the next step you have to take note is the SEO metrics to consider. If you are able to identify and monitor these metrics correctly, you get to increase your chances of getting on the top positions of Google and reap all the benefits.

  • Search Volume: Refers to the volume (or number) of searches for a particular keyword in a given timeframe. You definitely want to use rank keywords that people are already looking for on Google.
  • Keyword SEO Difficulty: The higher the value your keyword is, the harder it is to compete with others on the market using the same keyword. Therefore, your best chance is to get the lowest number (closest to zero) so you can increase the chances of making your website visible.
  • Current Ranking: To locate the current ranking of the keyword you use. If your keyword is within the first ten pages of Google, the chances of getting your website higher on Google search results are even greater.

The knowledge about these actual search terms can help inform and plan your overall marketing strategy. When you have master the art of finding the most effective keywords for your business, you will not only benefit from search engine traffic, you also get to to know your customers better than your competitors.

So if you want your website to deliver optimal results, then you got to fully understand how to research and use the right keywords. Let our team of professional SEO consultants in Singapore and Philippines handle all the work and deliver the best results for you. Speak to us today at [email protected].