In the digital landscape, Google is king. Over 300 million searches are performed online on their site everyday and over 95% of the web’s traffic driven from their site alone. It’s no wonder why every blog and websites want to be on top rank of the search page results of Google as it is proven to send in a lot of high quality traffic.


So how do you create a website that is highly optimized and Google-friendly? With Google’s constant updates and algorithm changes, it’s important to always stay on top. Here are some of our top tips:

  1. Keep Your Domain Name and Descriptive Titles Clean and Simple

    The first thing that catches a user’s attention is the title of your web page so it’s vital to always write clean and descriptive website titles. Another important element is to have an easy to remember domain name.

  2. Create Original and High Quality Content

    The fresher your content is, the more likely Google it is for Google to index your site and potentially increase your website ranking.

  3. Improve User Experience

    With engaging and valuable content on your site, it’s also important to have a site that is user-friendly and mobile responsive.

  4. Make Sure Your Website Is Up To Speed

    Nobody likes a slow site — not even Google. Upgrade your website’s speed with a fast and reliable web hosting server that fits your budget and get the website ranking your content deserves.

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