Click Through Rate (CTR)

To have your website on the front page of Google’s search engine results is a coveted SEO goal for every new business owners. Landing on the front page of Google helps to open many opportunities for potential leads and sales as 90% of customers would click at least once on the first page results.

This is why business owners are constantly looking for ways to strategize and improve their search engine rankings because they understand that if their website is not visible on search engine pages or on the first page result, they are losing traffic and visitors – which ultimately leads to the loss of business revenue as well. So how can you get more clicks to your website to improve your search engine ranking and visibility?


A way to get more website clicks and improve your site ranking is by writing effective and concise keyword descriptions on your website with Metadata. Metadata content appear along with your website title and serves as a brief extract of your website’s content.

Skubbs Meta Title and Description

Metadata consists of:

  1. Meta Title – The meta title of your webpage give users and search engines a brief description of your website’s content and it also appears at the top of the page tab on your website’s browser. Character text should not be more than 60 words.
  2. Meta Description – It is the short paragraph of text placed in the HTML of a webpage that describes it’s content and it often appears when people share your articles across other websites and social media platform. Character text should not be more than 300 words

Your meta content is the information that describes your page to search engines and it is also the blurb that shows up beneath your clickable website address on search engine results’ pages. The quality of your meta content influence the click through rate of your website so therefore it is very important to use it wisely.

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