Having newsletters and loyalty programs are awesome ways to engage with your customers while building strong relationships and ultimately turning them into happy advocates for your brand. In our Big Rock series today, we will be sharing how Social Media reviews can also help you to achieve the same results and why you should include them as part of your Social Media Marketing strategy!

These days, how often do you check a business’s online reviews before deciding on purchasing their products or services? Yes, customer reviews play a very powerful and influential role in deciding a consumer’s buying decision and it also strongly affects how new users perceive your business and services.

Now that you know how important customer reviews are, how can you get them? After all, gaining reviews from your customers are no easy feat. At the end of the day, you want your reviews to be authentic and from actual people who purchased and used your products or services.

Well, we’ve got a list of proven tips you can use to gain more customer reviews on Social Media!

1. Ask personally
There’s no better way to ask and get reviews than to do it in person! When you provide your customers with great service, find unique and polite ways to ask them to leave a review on your social media channels. Your customers’ association with your brand on social media will expose you to all their social network connections and potentially garner you more prospects to your business.

2. Offer incentives
Encourage customers to write reviews by rewarding them for doing so! You can offer coupons or discount codes to encourage customers to share their feedback or you can host giveaways for customers who send in their reviews and tagging their friends on the post – the possibilities are endless! The better your offer, the more reviews you’re likely to receive. It’s a win-win situation where you can get repeat purchases and the customers are, well, of course happier than ever to get special discounts.

An example of a tactical campaign tie up we did for one of our Social Media clients where we produced 16 Reviews in the first month:


Month 1 Month 2 Month 3
Reviews 0 16


3. Share your reviews on all your social channels
By promoting your happy customer experiences across your social channels, people are more likely to “Like” or “Follow” your page. When they see how happy your customers are with your services or products, there’s a high chance you could convert them into your fans and turn them into your customers. Once you start sharing these reviews, other customers will also want to provide their reviews too!

4. Respond to all reviews
Responding to all reviews, believe it or not, will actually get you more of them! Users will see this interaction as you valuing the time they took to leave the review for you and because of this it can significantly help your business. Respond to as many reviews as possible, even for those one star-only reviews without any comments – any form of engagement and interaction helps!

5. Add a Call-To-Action on your website
You can create an eye-catching banner on your website to invite customers to review your company’s services and products and then linking that banner to your social media channels such as Facebook. Designing and adding an engaging banner to your website helps to draw your customers’ attention and lead them to a favourable action which could be an easy way to get them to provide feedback on their experience with your business.

6. Promote via Newsletter
Include short reviews and testimonials on your newsletter as social proof. Make sure that the recipients are already in your marketing-ready list. Not sure how to create a Leads Funnel and automate your eDMs? Call us today! Sharing your reviews with your prospects and existing customers can help to build their trust in you when they make their next purchase with your business!

The more reviews you have, the more trustworthy the reviews for the business will be. Try and get your brand ratings up and your product/ services will sell themselves.

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