How to Use Facebook in Marketing your Brand

One of the most effective social media platforms for marketing today is Facebook. Who can argue with that when it has over 2.2 billion active monthly users all over the globe, backed up by a solid user engagement? We truly are now in the Era of Facebook. And with the unceasing growth of mobile device usage and continuous enhancement of technology, we don’t see this trend going anywhere but up.

Put it this way, if you still aren’t marketing your business on Facebook, then you’re already behind. With all those said, you might want to hop on the digital marketing train and let Facebook do wonders for your business. The platform is very convenient and useful in many ways for a business. One of which is being able to market your brand in a result-driven manner. How do you do this? We’ve listed 6 ways you can!

1. Keep it updated.

This “update” does not simply refer to posting on a regular basis just to let the users know that your page is alive. Reaching users through social media is a great way to engage with them. However, You still have to make sure that your target market will still be able to contact you outside the platform conveniently. Having said that, your business hours and address should be up to date as well.

2. Let users know you are what they’re looking for.

Showing potential clients what you are selling and offering is one way to let them know you are what they are looking for.

Tip #1: Use keywords. Keep this in mind when crafting your copies for posts: What would my target buyer search when looking for my product?

Tip #2: Users might be looking for you specifically. It greatly helps if you use the same logo or photo on all social networking platforms — whether you use Instagram and if you have a blog.

3. Get users to follow you and like your page.

A follow and like isn’t just given away freely. It is earned. You have to make efforts for users to like and follow your page. Try coming up with deals, giveaways, contests, and other nifty collaterals—this could make them not want to miss anything that you post. A new product? A promo? A collaboration? New flavours? These are a few things that they surely would want to be the first to try.

4. Experiment and see which works.

We have to admit that some of our posts don’t really get the results that we want. If you post daily for one week, maybe two or three would get the most engagement and sprout with sales, while some posts may just collect flies. It’s only a matter of trying again and again, and seeing which type of post works best for your business. Use the insights feature to gather these information.

5. Make use of ads.

Your posts can only reach those who have liked your page. And with Facebook’s recent changes on its algorithm, your post may not even have the chance to appear on each of your follower’s timeline anymore. It clearly isn’t enough. This is where ads come in. Ads will give you the ability to target a specific set of audience, depending on what your campaign needs. Trust us. We’ve been there. Learn a thing or two about paid ads and you’ll surely be thankful that you did.

6. Remember quality over quantity.

This is very basic. Not because you have a lot of posts for a week does not necessarily mean that you are efficient. Take a look at those engagements that you get. Are you happy with them? Sometimes, all it takes is just a single post that would really pull those users to like, react, comment, tag their friends, and maybe even share your post. It can single-handedly trump your page’s engagements rate.

Always remember that there are two reasons why users may unlike your page — first is because you post uninteresting content and second, you post too much. You wouldn’t want to be annoying to the users by flooding their timeline with content, would you?

With those 6 tips that we have given, we hope that you will now be able to use Facebook to its fullest extent! In this era of Facebook, nothing impossible for your brand.

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