ICYMI: we talked about how Remarketing and Retargeting can close your leads into customers. Onto our next and final part of our Big Rock series, we will be sharing on the different Digital Marketing tools that you can use to engage with your customers and turn them into promoters of your brand.

Newsletters are a great way to communicate with your customers. But are you creating a  great newsletter that has the ability to effectively engage with your audience and increase your engagement and responsiveness rate? Let us show you how.

Tips on Creating a Successful Newsletter

1. Use a powerful and eye-catching subject line

Everyone’s email inboxes are constantly flooded with personal, professional and promotional emails. So how do you make your newsletter stand out from the crowd? A powerful and eye-catching subject line, that is. Strong subject lines are usually short, descriptive and thought provoking and they should instantly attract your subscribers’ attention. There are also many creative writing styles you can explore for your subject lines; you can also include emojis, discount codes or cliff hangers to get your subscribers’ attention.

2. Create dynamic and personable content

When creating an email campaign, it’s important to include relevant content that relates to your brand’s message and the interests of your subscribers. Your newsletter should also be helpful to them – when you get this right and create a truly useful and relevant newsletter, chances are your subscribers may engage and even forward it to their friends.

One of the best way is to create a newsletter which is rich with value-add content such as the latest news, tips, exclusive promotions, customers’ success stories and more. Connecting with your subscribers in a personal way through interesting content can also further encourage them to become your customers so they can explore your services or products. When your brand is able to connect with your audience on a personal level, you will be able to build long-lasting relationships and drive customer acquisition and conversion.

3. Make it actionable

What do you want your subscribers to do when they read your newsletter? Do you want them to read your latest blog article? Purchase something from your website? Share it on social media? You want your subscribers to easily take the actions you want them to do on your newsletter. You can do so by deciding on the various Call-To-Actions (CTA) such as “Click here” and “Read More”. Also, it’s crucial to make your CTAs clear, strong and specific.  Majority of the readers won’t make it through the entire email, so remember; don’t leave your CTAs till the last line.

4. Use polished email designs

If an email newsletter is difficult on the eyes, chances are your subscribers will stop engaging with it. Therefore it’s important to have a clear, refined and creative email newsletter design. Use eye-catching and relevant images with brief and concise blurbs so to encourage your subscribers to read through your entire email.

5. Segment your email lists

There are alot of different people who might be interested in your products or services but that doesn’t mean they are interested for the same reasons or will respond to your emails in the same way. In comes email list segmentation. Email list segmentation is the practice of using the information you have about individuals in your target audience and it allows you to deliver personalized emails and connect with your audience in a powerful way. One of the best way to effectively segment your lists is by capturing data of your customers on a sign up form. From there you can gather information such as their geographic location, gender, profession, age and interests and then, you can develop your segmented lists to deliver separate email campaigns that are most relevant to each list and their interests. This increases the relevancy and personalization of each email you send, which in turn, can increase your ROI.

An email newsletter is one of the most effective channel for businesses to reach their audience and help them move down the sales funnel. Are you creating an engaging and successful newsletter yet? If you need help in creating a great email newsletter strategy for your business, why not let our team of Digital Marketing experts deliver the results for you? Talk to us at [email protected] to get started.

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