We finally have come to our final and last part of our Big Rock content series! Today we will be sharing how you can use your Social Media’s ratings and testimonials to ENGAGE with your customers = which all results in sure sales for your business. Now, who doesn’t want to achieve that?

These days, every business has their own Facebook business page (if you don’t, what are you waiting???). The power of a Facebook business page is no doubt remarkable and amazing in so many ways. Not only does it have the ability to transform your online presence, it also allows you to engage and communicate effectively with your customers. One of Facebook business page’s most influential tool would be their ratings and reviews feature. It is a reliable and powerful platform that could easily make or break your brand’s reputation. Today we will sharing the great value of this dynamic feature and how you can incorporate them into your overall Digital Marketing strategy!

Your Customers’ Reviews and Star Ratings Matter

Your customers’ reviews and ratings on Facebook is an effective trust and credibility building tool. They not only affect the trust your customers have for your business, they also greatly affect your business’s overall credibility. This is why your customers’ feedback is so so important! The feedback they provide influence other customers’ impression of your brand and it also greatly impact their buying decision too. The greater number of positive feedback you get, the better your reputation will be. A solid brand image is after all the key factor to gain MORE online traffic and sales revenue!

How You Can Get More Reviews and Star Ratings

So how can you get more reviews and star ratings from your customers?

You can interact with your customers, either offline or online, and let them know how much you value and care for their feedback. If you are confident that your products or services have met or exceeded your customers’ expectations, chances are they would be more than willing to share their experiences with everyone!

One of the easiest way to receive reviews and star ratings would be to simply include direct links to your Facebook channel on your website, brochures and your email newsletters. Alternatively, you can also consider a social media campaign to encourage your customers to leave their ratings and reviews on your Facebook page. Another useful tactic you can use is to reach out to social media influencers such as bloggers, celebrities or industry related critics, and ask if they are willing to leave a review and also promote them across their social media platforms. Having a prominent and recognized public figure to write a review about your brand is a sure way to boost your online credibility and reach out to an even larger audience pool!

Make a Connection

It is good practice to thank your customers who have take time to leave their feedback – and it all matters whether they are positive or negative ones. Be genuine and sincere. Let your customers know that you care about their feedback and that they all matter. When it comes to negative feedback or complains, the best way to solve them would be to kindly addressed them and assure those customers that you will find a solution the soonest as possible. This also proves to show that customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to your brand.

In today’s Digital age, Social Media remains one of the most powerful and cost-effective tool for all business of all scale. Having a strong social media presence gives you a platform to reach out to billions of people who could potentially become your future customers! And with strong ratings and reviews, you can convert all of them into your brand’s most loyal fans.

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