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In this day and age where everyone spends at least a portion of their days browsing the net, digital marketing, social media in particular, has quickly shifted from being an optional marketing channel into a necessary one. Because everybody’s online updating their lives on social media, the platform has become an effective and powerful way for businesses to communicate their brands to their consumers.


According to a study conducted by Hootsuite and We Are Social, a whopping 4.4 million Singaporeans are active social media users. On Facebook alone, there are 3.5 million Singaporean users. This lead to an increasing amount of brands who are keen on availing Facebook marketing service for a surefire reach of their target audience. Varying social media packages became relevant and in demand. These numbers made Singapore at the top 3 globally in terms of social media penetration. Indeed, social networking sites are some of the best channels to connect with your consumers. With the help of an expert social media agency, your business will definitely be able to achieve its sales objectives.


What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing? For one, brand exposure. If you need to get your brand in front of a multitude of audience in a big social media platform like Facebook, gather intentions and do remarketing, then you have to try social media marketing.

facebook marketing

✔ More Opportunities to Convert

Every interaction on the platform is a possibility for conversion

✔ Less Marketing Cost

Your budget for Social Media Marketing can reach farther audience

✔ Targeted Ads

In-depth audience targeting and segmentation

✔ Real Time Results

Real time performance evaluation

✔ Richer Customer Experience

Allows better relationship with customers

✔ Produce User Generated Content

A well-executed content can trigger audience to generate their own content for you

✔ Brand Personification

Sincerity is shown by humanizing a brand


Our social media marketing services have already brought countless eyeballs to brands and made a lot of business owners happy in the journey. See our list of social media projects below:


How can you use social media to market your business? There’s a lot that you can do here and every point presents a challenge. But having a social media expert working on your side can make things easy and effective.

social media strategy

1. Create Brand Awareness

Do you have a brand that hasn’t quite made it to people’s radar yet? Social media enables you to get to your target market easier and faster.

2. Promote Your Brand

Do you have an actual store, a service, or an e-commerce website? Social media offers many creative ways to promote your brand.

3. Sell Your Product or Service

Do you have an online business idea? Social media is start-up friendly, providing entrepreneurs with a platform to sell their businesses effectively.

4. Generate Traffic to Your Website

Do you want to generate more traffic to your website? Apart from search engine, social media is another effective channel to generate traffic stream.

5. Provide Customer Service

How do you keep your customers happy? Social media enables customer concerns to be dealt with immediately.

6. Gain a Good Reputation

Do you want to establish a good reputation for your brand? Social media is an opportunity to create a good impression to your customers.

7. Establish Authority

Do you want to be a thought leader in your industry? Being active on social media and sharing the right content can help you gain credibility.


Our vast experience in digital marketing has earned us the expertise in social media marketing. Being in the industry for several years now, we have mastered our way through each and every social media platform — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. We know the ins and outs, what works and what doesn’t, what’s effective, and what’s engaging. Leave your social marketing needs to the experts. Leave it to us.

Social Media Content and Posting Strategy Packages

Add one of the social media content and posting strategy packages we offer to your digital marketing mix to boost your lead generation via social media channel.

One-off Tactical Viral Campaigns w/ Lead Gen Social Media Post Writing Social Media Management + Boost to increase Audience Engagement
$800 $650 $1,320
  • 1 Hero Facebook Post e.g.
    • Like, Share, Tag and WIN
    • Comment below and WIN
  • Ad copies, 10-sec video animation.
  • 24/7 Auto-engage chatbot workflow to run them through key details needed for promo
  • Ad spend included to run for up to 2weeks or until it runs out
  • Community Management
  • Google Spreadsheet with list of participants and their information hand over
  • 1 broadcast (messenger push)
  • Campaign analysis and recommendation report
  • 20 – 25 Facebook or Instagram Post
  • Hashtag Research
  • Audience and Topic Research
  • Content Calendar
  • Call to actions
  • Inclusive of 2x revision
  • Delivery: 3 – 5 Days
  • Digital Readiness: $1,888 (waived if 1 yr)
    • Audience Research and Campaign Deck
    • Facebook and IG Business Page beautification
    • FB Page Cover Video design,
    • FB/IG Profile photo enhancement
    • Brand Story write up,
    • Messenger FAQ setup
  • Content Calendar, Copywriting, Audience Engagement and Conversion Strategy
  • <- Social Media Post Writing
    • Up to 15 posts on FB and IG (mirrored)
  • Graphics design for posts incl. 5 gifs format, 2 carousel type of post.
  • Community Management and Ops team relay
  • Small amount of boost ad spend in incl. for amplification
  • Monthly report and in-house support
  • 1hr strategy and consulting call

* Post translation in Simplified Chinese, Bahasa Melayu available upon request w/ separate quotation.

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