SME Starter Kit

SME Starter Kit

Tap-worthy materials for more eyeballs, better leads and higher engagement

Video and Photo

  • Media – Video and Photos

    • 1x Corporate or Promotional or Product-focused video
    • 45x Product shoot (15 products, 3 angles) square size suitable for social media posting (IG and FB) 1080 x 1080
    • 5x Hero shot or Teaser Shot
  • * Social media posting and Website ready media
  • ** Mix n’ match of shots or video length extensions are OK but subjected to price adjustments

Why Skubbs for Photo and Video Editing?

The expertise of our photographers, videographers, and social media specialists blends well in coming up with visually appealing content that will surely take your online presence to a whole new level. Convert your viewers into loyal followers. Kickstart your digital venture with a beautified social media account, eye-catching images, and shareable videos taken by professionals.

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