Social Media Advertising (SMA) Services

Leverage the power of social media advertising while spending your advertising dollars wisely.


Social Media Advertising (SMA) is a form of online advertising focusing on social media platforms. SMA uses different types of detailed targeting including but are not limited to geo-targeting, demographics-targeting and interest-targeting – making sure that you are reaching your target audience.


4.6 Million of Singapore’s population is on social media, that is 79% of Singapore’s population. If you are not doing social media ads for your business, you are losing a lot of opportunity to get your product and services to a lot of people. Skubbs can help you get started. Begin investing in social media ads and grow your business today!


Social Media Advertising gives you an in-depth targeting benefits based on your objective. Social media platforms such as Facebook has a platform called Business Manager where you can see reports of your ads.

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✔ Speak to the Right Audience

Targeting the right audience in promoting your product is very important to acquire sales. Social media ads target audiences based on their interests, behaviour, and demographics.

✔ Inbound Traffic

Drive more traffic to your website or physical store.

✔ Get More Leads

Social media marketing only targets specific groups that would likely be interested in your product/service. We gather data about your target audience, demographics, interests and use it to get you more leads.

✔ Higher Conversion Rates

Driving website traffic is one thing, retargeting your website visitors is another. Remind your customers that they left something in their cart and finish their purchase, cross-sell products that your customers might like.

Top Talents on a Budget You Can Afford

Looking to hire a remotely dedicated staff to report only to you? Skubbs Studio has the world’s best talents to build your remote team around.

Why Skubbs for SMA in Singapore?

With years of practice in the industry, Skubbs has perfected the formula in social media targeting and getting the best results on the lowest cost possible; from increasing community growth, generating leads, to boosting online sales. We give it our best to give our clients more than what they target.

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