How many of you searched for something online and looked for the one that is nearest to you? If you have, then you are part of the 76% of people who did just that. This is according to a study conducted by Google. 28% of these visits resulted with a purchase. This just means that the e-commerce business is successful at their goal. How can one take their online business to the next level? The solution — attract shoppers on-the-go and review your SEO and SEM efforts and Google.

The Internet is a very challenging and competitive arena for all types of businesses. You can easily get swamped in the background. To be a consumer’s choice, make sure that your products and services are in front of them. Take advantage of different platforms’ features such as highlighting store information such as location and business hours so that consumers, especially those who are nearby and on mobile, can come to you.  Unlock new possibilities, attract customers, and widen your audience reach.

A case study proves how effective this just is. With a healthcare client with various clinics from Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, they were able to receive hundreds of call enquiries, contact form submissions, and Get Direction clicks. They used a combination of Organic and Paid campaign, SEO and SEM efforts, and Adwords Search and Display Network. This drove over 80% of their foot traffic and is continuing to increase as they continue to engage with us.

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