In this age, everything has gone digital. Almost everyone has a Facebook account, Instagram stories are uploaded, and Youtube videos are being watched. It’s only vital that your business is online as well. You wouldn’t want to get left behind now, would you? With that, you need a website of your own.  You can go about this in two ways — you hire a web develop or you do it on your own. Don’t know what you should do? Continue reading to get an idea.



Web developer: You’d have to shell out a considerable amount for their labour just for a basic site. Also, you would have to pay for the domain and hosting. This is considered to be a big factor on hiring web developers because they tend to be expensive. But that’s just how it works. Professionally speaking, you hire help to do work for you. If you want positive outcomes, it would require cash.

DIY: Aside from the domain and hosting, you may also opt for a premium WordPress theme.



Web developer: No experience needed.

DIY: For this, basic knowledge on coding and understanding on how WordPress works is required. Functions like publishing posts, installing plugins and themes, and the like are something that you should be familiar with.



Web developer: With web developers, you have the freedom to design your own website in any way you want. They would do their best to apply your ideas and concretize them into your own website. It is completely custom-made and it’s from scratch.

DIY: You are limited to the themes that are ready-made by WordPress. There’s around 4,500 free themes available and you got roughly two to five times that number if you’re on premium.

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Web developer: Like templates, this can be custom-made as well. You can have them build a specific feature for you that would differentiate you from your competition.

DIY: Functionality is provided by WordPress plugins only. There are 10x as much as the free themes to choose from. You want this feature, maybe there’s a plugin for that.

Domain Name and Hosting

Domain and hosting

Web developer: Acquisition and server configuration can simply be done by the web developer for you.

DIY: Whereas with DIY, you have to do it on your own. This means you’ll have to handle DNS management and cPanel setup by yourself among other domain-server related stuff.



Web developer: You are not limited to any website structure. You have the freedom to create your own website.

DIY: DIY usually is limited to basic websites because of the limited templates and themes. Though this would not be the case if you know how to tweak the codes yourself.



Web developer: You would have more time to focus on other matters while your hired web developer would do the website for you.

DIY: This can be very tedious and time-consuming on your part, especially when you lack the technical know-how to perform a web developer’s job.

There are so many factors to consider like knowledge, time, budget, and effort you would put into your website. While the website is only partial of what your entire business would be, the others may need more of your time and attention that only you, as a business owner, should spearhead and have the utmost knowledge on. Website development is best given to experts who know what they’re doing. From troubleshooting to getting your designed output, they know what to do.

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