Stylemart – Custom System and CMS Setup

ecommerce solution for Stylemart

STYLEMART had their early beginnings in the 1950s when they first started as a small and modest tailoring shop located at Singapore’s Changi Village. Today, STYLEMART has evolved to become a reputable high end fashion boutique and popular household name for Indian fashion, catering for both men and women.

Skubbs was engaged by STYLEMART to help improve the productivity of their tailoring requests and customers’ orders for their ecommerce website.

To help achieve this, we created a customised system with an integrated CMS platform for STYLEMART. The new customised system allows the web admin to check on the tailors’ daily progress and schedule so they can better manage their tailoring requests, it also allows the web admin to track their customers’ orders, details and invoices. STYLEMART’s customers can now also easily access the system to check the status of their orders.

With their new system and Customer Relationship Management (CMS) platform which are both flexible and user friendly, STYLEMART got to improve their website’s overall performance and save both costs and effectiveness.