SOPENO – e-Commerce Website Creation

Ecommerce Website for SOPENO

Sopeno is a software company offering digital solutions to businesses. They help their clients achieve better management for their businesses. With their digitised solutions, many companies and outlets can manage their customers better and create a better business relationship. Other solutions cater for inventory and eCommerce, among other business-related solutions.

Sopeno’s business model is offering different packages and solutions as per the client needs. Since the services require registrations to access, Sopeno had to set up a website portal for the same. They also had to incorporate an eCommerce solution to cater for the different packages and add-on features that the customers want when buying the software.

Skubbs PTE Ltd. set up the website so that the customers can easily buy the business software online. With the eCommerce features we created for them, now they can offer the different addons as the clients need and the prices update accordingly.

Now the company is a happy business as they can sell different IT solutions packaged as per the customer needs. It is even easier for them when offering support because they are aware what the client purchased and their expectations.