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Website for RadLink

RadLink leads in the Singapore market as a private provider of diagnostic and imaging services. They provide Radiology scans services in Singapore. RadLinks is an easier and professional solution for patients across Singapore who need any diagnostics services that involve imaging.

While RadLank’s business stands a good ground for growth, there were a few issues with the previous website they were using. First of all, the layout and presentation gave the users a hard time to manoeuvre through the pages to find the services they are interested in. It was tailored for people who are knowledgeable in the medical field. This could stop prospects from going for their diagnostic services.

Skubbs PTE Ltd. was involved in developing and designing a new website for RadLink. Part of our work is to make sure that their customers will have a delightful user experience. On top of the design and navigation architecture, part of our initiative is that we added FAQ and Tutorial pages to help the clients understand the services.

Now RadLink is glad for having us redesign their website and add the functions necessary for the customers. The number of leads has gone higher as the patients are able to easily understand the steps involved in the services they offer.