Milk Moons – E-Commerce Website Creation

ecommerce for milkmoons website

Founded just this year in 2018, Milk Moons is a new cake shop by popular local bakery owners, Chalkfarm.

While Chalkfarm is well-known for their sophisticated and homey range of desserts that has won the hearts and taste buds of Singapore, their latest venture, Milk Moons, offer beautiful, artisan cakes with an exotic Asian flavour that has already had many people raving.

As Milk Moons was relatively new to the scene and with only one brick and mortar store situated in the hearts of Orchard road, the owners wanted to further amplify brand awareness for their store and create another channel to help them increase their sales revenue – and what better way to achieve all of this with an e-commerce website.

Seeing the tremendous success Chalkfarm had with their e-commerce website, which was built and developed by Skubbs, the owners of Milk Moons once again decided to consult with Skubbs’s e-commerce website development services to help create their new cake shop’s website.

After precise research and development, Skubbs presented a versatile website that has all the fundamental website and e-commerce functions that perfectly fits Milk Moons’ business goals and objectives as an online storefront. With the dynamic e-commerce system integrated onto their website, processing of orders has been an absolute breeze for Milk Moons. With a sleek, modern and sophisticated website design that was user-friendly and mobile responsive, customers can easily browse through the wide variety of cakes and swiftly purchase their favourite items with just a few simple clicks on their desktop or mobile phones.

Having an e-commerce website has significantly magnify and transform Milk Moons’ online presence and business and we are very proud and happy to be once again part of Milk Moons’ rising success.