Founded in 2008 by Sunny Tan, an ex-teacher with Singapore’s Ministry of Education, mathsHeuristics first had their early beginnings as an enrichment centre and now have distinguished themselves to be a leading educational and content provider in the local education industry.

Looking to further grow their business, mathsHeuristics wanted a new business strategy that would help them increase sales revenue and create brand awareness. Unsure of what to do, Skubbs were engaged by mathsHeuristics for our Strategy & Consulting services to help solve this issue.

After studying and analyzing mathsHeuristics’s intrinsic business values and models, we concluded that a mobile learning app would be the best business strategy and concept to help achieve mathsHeuristics’ goals and objectives.

After our consultation and the delivery of their new mobile learning app which were designed and developed by Skubbs, mathsHeuristics not only got to boost their brand presence and customer value, they also saw a significant increment in their sales revenue and leads.

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