Founded in 2008, MathsHeuristics was established to help students become quick-thinking problem solvers in course of their journey on studying Mathematics. MathsHeuristics offers an effective learning experience through a suite of learning tools, which include classes and guidebooks.

Maths Heuristics is the first Singapore company offering integrated platforms learning solutions. With their expertise and dedication, their aim is to bring out the dream in every Mathematics learner. The learners who use their services have shown the proof that the Maths Heuristics is the ideal solution to mastering the subject. This is evident through the score by the students every year.

To offer this solution to all the learners, Maths Heuristics needed to implement different platforms to facilitate the easy access to their services. Among the major platforms, the mobile app was necessary to enable learners to access their platform for a step-by-step learning approach.

Skubbs PTE Ltd. designed and developed the mobile app for the company to make the on-the-go access efficient for the learners. Now Maths Heuristics and their users are happy that the service offering is a feasible process. The educators and parents can as well access learner curriculum on the go.

Laid down below are some of the features integrated for MathsHeuristics App, available on both App Store and Google Play.

  • Push notifications to remind users of new content and books available
  • Chapter guides for books purchased
  • Working and interactive explanations for problem solving
  • Writing board for problem solving
  • Backend CMS for admin control over the content

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