Manulife is your trusted insurance provider in Singapore. They help to bring the medical cover and access to medical services closer to the customers. With their mobile app, you can access different hospitals near you and use your e-card for a hassle-free service access.

Manulife wanted a logo and branding for their ManuMed business app. Without it, the business was not doing well since the customers could not make identify it as a legit company.

Skubbs PTE Ltd. took up the branding and design job to help the company gain the credibility. We carried out the logo design with which the Manulife company was able to identify their business with their customers and prospects.

After the logo design, more people are now using the ManuMed mobile app to access the medical insurance services provided by Manulife. The business is growing while at the same time the clients are happy to access easy and faster medical attention on-the-go.

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