Fullerton Healthcare app empowers you to take control of your well-being, offering a range of features that enhance the healthcare experience. Access your medical records, receive reminders for medication, and track your progress all within the app, making it a comprehensive tool for managing your health.

* Mockups shown are for illustration purpose only.


We faced three main challenges from the outset:

  1. Explore the iterative design journey that transformed concepts into wireframes and prototypes, refining and enhancing the app’s features at each stage.
  2. Strategically integrated features such as virtual consultations, secure medical records, and prescription management, all while ensuring ease of use and accessibility for users of varying technological literacy.

* Mockups shown are for illustration purpose only.


Uncover the thoughtful user journeys we meticulously crafted, simplifying the appointment booking process, streamlining virtual consultations, and optimizing prescription management. Discover how our intuitive navigation and clear information architecture empower patients to effortlessly navigate the app and access vital healthcare services.

* Mockups shown are for illustration purpose only.

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