Chalkfarm was founded in 2010 as an online bakery shop with menu that was limited to two flavors only. Over the years, they have gradually risen as one of the top 5 bakeries in Singapore and gone from merely online to putting up successful physical stores. As they expand their business, they have also incorporated other cake flavors to their collection.

In this fast-paced growing digital age where everyone is constantly on their phones, popular local cake shop Chalk Farm wanted to boost their online presence by engaging to their audience on their mobile with their very own mobile app.

Skubbs built a dynamic and user-friendly mobile app with bespoke design that is both sleek and stylish. The integrated commerce ordering platform that we created for the app allows customers to easily purchase their items and have it delivered right at their doorstep. On top of that, Chalk Farm can now also instantly connect with their growing customers regarding their store’s latest news and promotions.

Laid down below are some of the features integrated for Chalk Farm app.

  • Ordering and payment
  • Notifications to alert customers when their order is confirmed or ready to be collected

With this brand new mobile app, Chalk Farm have seen tremendous increase in their customer engagement and loyalty. The omni-commerce solution Skubbs provided, Chalk Farm enjoys significant boost in their leads and sales revenue.

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