Starting out from it’s humble beginnings back in 1989, BBQ House has now burgeoned and strongly established themselves to be Singapore’s leading BBQ wholesale and Satay vendor.

During their early beginnings of growth and expansion, BBQ House knew they had to step out their game by adopting new technology and ideas but found themselves facing uncertainty as they were inexperienced to tackle these problems.

And so, BBQ House approached Skubbs where we provide consultation and strategies to help them solve these problems. We got to work closely with BBQ House and fully understand their company’s goals and objectives. After precise research and analysis, we were able to create and build a strong concept and strategy leading to the improvement of their sales channel and customer loyalty.

Solutions we provided: e-Commerce website,  brochures, namecards, logo, customer feedback

Using the new concept and strategy we created, we then helped BBQ House to redesign their current ecommerce website where we focus on making the site responsive and user friendly. We also developed a brand new CMS system where the team can easily manage their website’s products and content.

With these solutions, we saw BBQ House’s impressive growth and success through the years and we are very proud to have played a strong part in them.

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