Aon Singapore Pte Ltd is a leading global services firm that provides a wide range of professional risk, retirement, and health solutions. Aon Care, in collaboration with Fullerton Healthcare Group Pte Ltd, is their newest innovation in employee-health and well-being management.

We are a proud partner of Aon in enhancing this initiative in terms of quality, flexibility, and convenience. With the help of our expert team of developers, we are able to improve Aon Care app and web portal by integrating a Push Notification feature.

Below details some of the improvements done for Aon Care’s app and web portal.

  • Integrate Push Notification Centre
    • Ability to choose which notifications will be archived
    • Archived information available to client members via Aon Care app and web portal
  • Ability to control which notifications can be seen or not seen by members
  • Ability to send notifications tailor fit to specific clients
  • Existing web portal has a link to archived content since push notification is only for mobile app
  • Enabled swipe through gesture instead of scrolling through pages
    • Swipe the screen to see the next page of notification content
    • Additional interface for page break is introduced in the push notification center
  • Ability for user interaction so members can confirm if they were already able to read the information
  • Auto-notification for application update through App Store or Google Play
  • Control under control center with regards to push notification updates above

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