aDocNow Fullerton Health is a mobile application that allows people to easily book for a doctor’s service from their mobile devices. They make it easier for their clients to book for services without having to visit them. This service facilitates the booking both the doctors and the clients. Saving the clients’ time and the trouble to fill appointment records by the doctors, aDocNow Fullerton Health is the ideal solution to healthcare.

For easier recognition of their brand and the app on the internet, aDocNow Fullerton Health was in need of a branded logo. The logo makes it easier for the customers and prospects to remember, even when the name vanishes. Skubbs PTE Ltd. designed their logo and now they can distinguish their services from the anonymous apps on the internet.

After we created the company logo for aDocNow, now their prospects can easily find the right app on the Play Store. The company is now happy that the customers do not have to guess when they are looking for their app. They are easily identifiable across all the platforms and it shows how professional they are in business.

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