As part of their commitment to enhancing user experience, AAS decided to undergo a UI/UX redesign of their digital platforms to improve usability and engage their members effectively. This case study focuses on the UI/UX redesign project for AAS, outlining the key objectives, challenges, and solutions.

* Mockups shown are for illustration purpose only.


The primary objectives of the UI/UX redesign for AAS are as follows:

  • Improve the overall user experience of AAS digital platforms, including the website and mobile app.
  • Enhance usability and accessibility for different user segments, including members, non-members, and potential customers.


The project faced several challenges that needed to be addressed:

  • Complex Information Architecture: AAS offers a diverse range of services, and organizing the information in a clear and intuitive manner was crucial to avoid overwhelming users.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: With the increasing usage of mobile devices, it was important to ensure that the redesigned UI/UX would provide a seamless experience across different screen sizes and resolutions.
  • Accessibility: AAS needed to comply with accessibility guidelines to ensure that their digital platforms were usable by people with disabilities, considering factors like color contrast, font sizes, and screen reader compatibility.


To overcome the challenges and achieve the objectives, the following solutions were implemented:

  • Information Architecture: The information architecture was redesigned to categorize services and information into logical sections, ensuring ease of navigation and findability. User flows and wireframes were created to visualize the new structure.
  • Responsive Design: The UI/UX was designed with a mobile-first approach, ensuring optimal user experience across devices. Responsive design techniques, such as flexible grids, scalable images, and adaptive layouts, were employed.

* Mockups shown are for illustration purpose only.


In conclusion, the UI/UX redesign project for the Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS) successfully enhanced the user experience, increased user engagement, and improved accessibility. Through a user-centered design approach, extensive research, and careful attention to detail, AAS was able to create digital platforms that effectively serve their members and promote road safety in Singapore.

* Mockups shown are for illustration purpose only.

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