persuading deliberate buyers to choose you

In our previous article, we discussed about how important it is to know and understand your specific target market if you want to create an effective marketing strategy. We also discussed briefly about the 2 main types of buyers—the impulsive ones and the deliberate ones.

If you want to know more about your Impulse Buyers and the strategies on how you can efficiently target them using digital marketing, head on to this article.



Now let’s talk about your Deliberate Buyers.

Basically, they are the logical ones. They think clearly about their purchases, weigh and compare options, and take an ample time to decide before placing an item to the cart. These buyers try as much as they can to make wise moves by making smart purchases.

Your campaigns aren’t supposed to be a one-size-fits-all kind of strategy. Again, keep in mind that your target customers may differ in habits and behaviors, therefore, your approach has to be varied as well. Knowing which ones are effective and which ones are not will most likely make or break your marketing efforts.

Throughout the years of experiences in working with different businesses of different scales and industries, it has dawned on our digital marketing specialists that there is one strategy that remains to be effective ever since. This is the optimisation of eDMs or electronic direct mailers.



Unlike other platforms, newsletters and other structures of eDM are nonintrusive. It gives the receivers the power to decide when they will open the email, or whether they want to open it or not. Also, with email marketing, you get the ability to retarget those consumers who have previously showed interest in your product or service, but didn’t push through to the end of his or her buying journey.



What makes our eDM service worth availing? Aside from knowing the ins-and-outs of email marketing, what works, and what doesn’t, we have listed a few genuine points on what makes it worth it to subscribe to our eDM program. Read on to know more!

  1. We create customised email sequencing strategies, a unique concept specifically developed on the behaviour of your eDM recipients.
  2. We are result driven. We study, analyse, and recommend a variety of digital marketing tools and programs to enhance the marketing progression.
  3. Our service is as nonintrusive as the platform. We create and develop a capability that you can continue to manage even after the initial package has been completed. Meaning, template and layouts are all reusable and content can be easily edited.

Hope this series of posts gave you a better understanding of your different types of buyers! Follow our tips and let us know how if it worked for you! If you want to avail our eDM program, call us at +65 67176668 or email us at [email protected]. Also, join our mailing list to get all the latest digital marketing insights and exclusive promotions by subscribing down below ↓