Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Impress your target audience with a user-friendly mobile app.


Whether you are planning to get your business on the mobile or you are thinking about a new mobile innovation, you need to get a mobile app that suits your particular needs. The app you get depends on how you invest in your mobile app development. There are different things you must consider when finding the app developers.

We, as your business mobile app builder in Singapore, are passionate at delivering the results as per our client requirements. Our expertise puts us ahead in the mobile application development industry. We follow the industry standards when creating apps for your brand. All the applications we develop for our clients are passed for publication on Google Play Store, Apple Play Store, and the Microsoft Store. We are a mobile apps development firm in Singapore you can trust!

Having an internal expertise in web development, branding, and SEO, we understand all your needs in mobile app development. We will build and integrate your mobile app with your web apps and online resources. This we do while ensuring consistency in your brand presentation so that your users can quickly identify your mobile app.


On the side is a mobile application we developed for Asia Retina Eye Surgery Centre. For more details about this mobile app we did, please visit the Appstore page here. If you need us to develop a similar mobile app for you business, please give us a call.


What makes us your ideal mobile app development company in Singapore? When choosing a mobile app development company, you need to be sure you get value for your investment. We have all it takes to fulfill your needs. With a long-term experience and trust from clients from a diverse range of business industries, we are your ideal app developers in the country. Here are the primary benefits you’ll enjoy for having us as your mobile app developer.
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Fast Turnaround:

Regardless of what you are developing an application for, you will always need your work finished in time. Our passionate team of mobile app developers will ensure that you get your application ready to publish in a reasonable time.

Transparency in Our Mobile Application Development:

As an app development company, our objective is to ensure that we meet your needs when you choose us to work for you. We, therefore, have an open communication channel to ensure all your app requirements are understood, and you can follow the development flow on every stage.

Security is a Major Consideration in Our Mobile App Development Services:

We have worked for several years developing security and payment systems. We know all it takes to achieve a secure mobile app for your business. Our mobile app development focuses on both the security and privacy of your users when they connect to your services.

Foresight and Planning:

Having the long-term experience in the mobile app development services has also made us understand the mobile app trend. We create apps that will serve your customers for a long time. We also create room for application updates. You need to create updates for your app to implement the latest security and features.

We Are a Team of Tech Savvy App Developers:

Our large team of developers have all the technical understanding of the different mobile operating systems. Because of the different hardware specifications for the different phones and tablets in the market, you will need an application optimised to work for the different users’ devices. We are the mobile app development company that understands the needs of your end users.

Top Talents on a Budget You Can Afford

Looking to hire a remotely dedicated staff to report only to you? Skubbs Studio has the world’s best talents to build your remote team around.


We’ve already created a lot of mobile applications and made a lot of business owners, who want to provide support to mobile users, happy in the process. See our list of mobile app projects below:

Get Your App Published on Play Store or App Store

Let your users start accessing your services on-the-go with a mobile application. Whether it is an Android app or an iOS app developer you need, Skubbs PTE Ltd is your definitive choice. If you have any questions regarding our mobile app development services, just let us know using the contacts. You can as well visit our offices so that we can discuss your project in details.

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