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Simultaneously grow your presence and customer base on Social Media via ChatBot.


Messenger Marketing is one of the most influential strategies in social media marketing today. Messenger marketing is an automation of messages to easily connect with your subscribers and answer their enquiries. This is growing like wildfire and is not slowing down anytime soon.


Your Facebook Messenger is connected to your Facebook page. This is one of the easiest ways to get potential customers to contact your business directly. It is common for people to directly message businesses through their FB page to enquire for their services or products. Never miss a prospect customer by deploying a chatbot to automate your chat messaging today! Skubbs is here to help you with messenger marketing in Singapore.


Adding messenger marketing to your online marketing efforts not only allows you to personalise responses to customer enquiries, but simultaneously boost your credibility and social presence as well.

messenger marketing

✔ Outstanding Customer Service Experience

Promptly answer inquiries of customers about your products and services. Answering your prospect customer’s enquiry makes faster sales. Build a long-term relationship with your subscribers by giving them information that they are already interested in.

✔ Nurture Your Leads

Provide your subscribers information about your products/services. By sending them information on how you can help them or how you can make things easier for them, leads can turn into sales.

✔ Increase Ecommerce Sales

Put your catalog or products and services in Messenger. Your subscribers don’t have to go to your website to look for the product/service that you are offering. It’s all on messenger.

✔ Send Broadcast to your Subscribers

Perfect for announcing launch of new line of products, giving exclusive offer or just a simple announcement to your customer. Send out messages to everyone who messaged you on Messenger.


Working with different industries requires understanding to what the client needs to help their business grow. Here are some of the projects we did for a few clients that you may take interest in. Talk to us today and we’ll help you automating your messenger chat.

Case Study 1: Restaurant Table Reservation

Ser Seng Turtle Soup Restaurant Table Reservation

Key Highlights

  • 40x more inquiries
  • Easier reservation method

Challenges & Objectives

  • Ser Seng wanted to know insights of people before releasing a new item on their menu. We wanted to make sure that these people would be able to use the voucher given to them.
  • Ser Seng also wants to increase the number of reservations made in the restaurant
  • Making table reservations easier for patrons
  • Patrons to receive confirmation message after their reservation and a reminder with directions to the restaurant a few hours before their reservation

Solution & Strategy

  • A voucher is automatically sent to the survey taker through messenger. After a week, we send them a follow up message whether they have used their vouchers or not.
  • If they haven’t, they are given an option to reserve a table via messenger.
  • We also added a link on social media posts and ads that will direct them to messenger to make their reservation.
  • We developed a message flow that will get all important details for the reservation
    • Reservation date
    • Preferred time
    • Number of people
  • This data is stored to a sheet for reference. The admins will be alerted when a reservation has been made.
    Patron will also receive a reminder message a day before their table reservation.
Case Study 2: Islandwide Event Reminder, Event Sign up, Audience Segmentation

A pawnshop in Singapore with over 40+ branches islandwide Event Reminder, Event Sign up, Audience Segmentation

Key Highlights

  • 250x increase in messenger subscribers
  • Audience segmentation based on interest and location
  • 73% conversion rate

Challenges & Objectives

  • Jewellery and Leasing had an huge sale event. They wanted to have more people to sign up on their website for the event. Every sign up gets them $200 worth of vouchers that can be used at the event.
  • The objective is to get 550 leads.

Solution & Strategy

  • Jewellery and Leasing had a like, share, and tag giveaway raffle promo and we linked that to Messenger. Everyone who comments on the post receives a message informing them about the upcoming warehouse sale.
  • Then they will be asked if they would like to join the event and get $200 worth of vouchers. They will be directed to the website to sign up.
  • When they sign up to the website, they have an option to get their vouchers on messenger and receive a reminder an event reminder.
  • We also segmented the audience based on what product they are interested in, making it easier to retarget them in future events.
  • After the event, the customer will receive a follow up message asking if they went to the event and saying thank you for patronizing the business.
Case Study 3: Car Loans and Insurance Lead Generation

A financing company for car loans and insurance Lead Generation

Key Highlights

  • 50% lower cost in lead generation compared to conversion ads
  • More convenient than going to the website
  • Has more personal feel.

Challenges & Objectives

  • With the price of COE going up and down, we have to find more ways to entice people to sign up. Our objective is to increase the leads that are coming in at the lowest cost possible.

Solution & Strategy

  • We created an ad linked to Jewellery and Leasing’s messenger bot.
  • We asked them for their information:
    • Contact Number
    • Preferred date to renew COE
    • Expiration of COE
  • Once they have completed giving all the information admins will be notified and the lead will be contacted by an agent shortly after the sign up.
Case Study 4: Driver Application

Work Work Cars Driver Application

Key Highlights

  • 700x more engagement
  • 622% more followers
  • Faster prequalifying process

Challenges & Objectives

  • Work Work Cars wanted to gain more driver applications in all ways possible in the lowest or no cost at all.

Solution & Strategy

  • We made a sticky post for Work Work Cars for driver application and linked it to their Messenger. The sticky posts says comment below and we’ll send you a message.
  • We also linked succeeding posts about our drivers to Messenger to entice their friends to apply.
  • We got applicants’ preliminary details and get in touch with them.
  • We generated a QR code to scan and quickly apply to Messenger. QR Code is printed in the driver’s ID and car headrest.
  • After the candidate has finished his application , there will be an option for him to share it to his friends.

Why Skubbs for Messenger Marketing in Singapore?

Skubbs is one of the three Manychat partner agencies in Singapore. We are one of the experts in the field of messenger marketing with expertise in restaurants, ecommerce, financial consultancy and more. We make sure that we our clients’ customers can nurture their leads into sales with Messenger Marketing.

Pricing and Packages

SMS Blast Marketing CRM + Marketing Automation and eDM Email Send out
$600 $850 per month $900 per month
  • .060 cents per SMS (160 char limit)
  • SMS Message writing
  • SMS contact clean up and port over
  • Open, Read and Un-sent/Inactive number campaign report
  • Lead Form and Lead scoring
  • Site event footprints, pages visited, content engaged and triggers to automatically send an email or alert
  • Automation triggers based on events e.g. cart abandonment
  • Mailchimp, up to 1800 contact
  • 1x Email Design, screen responsive
  • Campaign Performance Report
  • List of contact who made conversions intent e.g. open <3x, visited pricing page, shared the email, proceeds to sent an enquiry after reading the newsletter, made a purchase online, etc..

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