Facebook Job Posting

Is there an opening in your company? Do you need additional talent to join your team? Have you tried all those job sites but it seems that you still can’t get the best fitting applicant? Don’t get frustrated, because lucky for you, Facebook is yet again making life convenient for all of us business owners.

Jobs Posting is Facebook’s way of letting employers and job seekers find each other easier. Listing of jobs can now be made directly on your business page, which can be seen by potential candidates all over the Facebook app. It has been tested in the United States and Canada since 2016. And after teaming up with ZipRecruiter to help bring in more job openings, they have now made it available to more than 40 countries, including Singapore. With this recently launched feature, looking for your colleague has never been so easy!

Here’s why you need to get on your Facebook page now and utilise this feature right away:

  1. Easy access. Because it is incorporated on the Facebook app itself, using this feature can easily be done through your desktop, tablet, and even your smartphone. As an admin of the page, you will get notified whenever someone applies on one your job postings.
  2. Wider visibility. Your job openings will appear on the jobs tab of your Facebook page, Jobs Dashboard, Facebook Marketplace, and users’ News Feed. The best part is, just like any other Facebook posts, every job opening that you put up can be promoted with ads. Now that’s a surefire way to find the best fitting applicant!
  3. Faster application process. Facebook has made everything easy for businesses and job seekers alike by simplifying the application process. All interested applicants who discover your job opening can easily send an application through an auto-filled form. Since some information such as name, birthday, education background, and work experiences has already been provided on a user’s Facebook account, there’s no need to type in all of these when sending out an application. As the employer, you can also better sort out interesting applicants by referring to their public Facebook profiles.
  4. Convenient communication. No need to use a third-party app to communicate with an applicant. Using the messenger app, you can easily talk to a potential hire, schedule an appointment, and know if they have already seen or replied to your message.

Sounds awesome, right? Now I bet you would want to try it out! Here are a few guidelines on how you can use this Jobs Posting feature. Here’s a step-by-step guide on using it so you can get going right away!

To add the “Jobs” tab on your Facebook page:

Step 1: Go to Settings > Edit page.
Step 2: Turn on the Jobs tab.
Step 3: Click Save.

To publish a job post:

Step 1: Go to your jobs section and click Publish Job Post
Step 2: Fill out all the necessary details of your job post such as job title, office location, expected salary, and other information.
Step 3: Add a photo to better catch the attention of potential applicants.
Step 4: Click Publish Job Post and you’re done! You’re on your way on finding the newest addition to the team.

This is how it will look like:

Facebook Job Posting

See how easy and convenient Facebook is making things for us business owners? Facebook app is definitely your one-stop platform for all your business marketing needs—from selling to hiring new people. You may ask, what’s next for Facebook? It is so powerful that we may even call it “The Era of Facebook.”