How to Increase Revenue Growth Through Facebook

Using Facebook for your business is one of the wisest digital advertising decisions you will ever make. It is one of the most effective ways to reach potential customers, retain those who already patronize your product or service, and retarget those you may have lost along the process. Perhaps, the number one reason for starting up a business is to earn money. With Facebook, you can definitely do that. But the question here now is, how? How do reach your business’ maximum profit potential with the use of Facebook?

1. Invest in engagement

Engagement is when users interact with you and your posts. Remember that this platform is not like TV commercials wherein communication is only one way. You have to make way for the users to engage whether through likes, shares, comments, or posting of their own. Also, you may want to be responsive to their messages and comments. A little acknowledgement or saying that their post looks great or that they took a scrumptious shot of their food can go a long way. Pages live on engagements and your posts shouldn’t be collecting files. There are several ways on how you can get people to engage with you. It’s just about finding out the right one.

2. Show off what you’ve got

Literally, you have to let your followers know what you’re providing. Be it a product or a service, people won’t engage with you if they have no idea what you’re selling. Put them up as your content. Here are a few ways on how you can do this:

  • First off, by simply showing the product or service itself. Put a label on it, put it on display — just do whatever you have to do to let the consumers know what you’re offering. You can also use Facebook’s Shop feature. You will be able to post your products being sold while at the same time, connect to more customers. Also, it’s faster and more convenient because everything is at one place. They wouldn’t have to look all around your blog to see what are on sale.
  • Showing your product is like those home TV shopping programs that give a demo of what they’re selling. People would want to see how your stainless steel frying pan works or how the dish was created.
  • Ever seen those people selling a used phone or clothes? It’s something like that. People want to see what they would be buying. Go into details such as the material used. If what you’re offering is food, then you can feature the ingredients that are in the dish.
  • If it is clothing, get a model that they can relate to so that they already have a brief idea on how it is worn and how it could look like if they are the ones who would wear it. You may also use an endorser or a influencer to further promote your product.

3. Get those likers flowing

Always remember that in the digital world, your potential customers are always your likers. Think of ordinary users as some people passing by a shop. The moment they like your page, they have entered the store. When they look through the photos and videos posted, they are browsing through the menu or trying out some clothes.

4. Convince your followers to promote you

Facebook marketing on its own is already effective. But having those people who engage with you and promote you on their own is better because it is unpaid and allows you to reach a wider set of audience. Promotion from your followers can come in many different ways.

  • Comments, reactions, and shares — When users engage on your posts by commenting and tagging their friends, word of mouth is facilitated. Users are usually able to see what their friends are liking and reacting to, so that will get you somewhere. Also, when they share something that they want to share, this is a lowkey way of getting them to spread your business.
  • Check-ins — This best works for restaurants and hotels. When they check-in at your place, they don’t just let their friends know what they are doing and where they are. They also give an accurate location of where your business is located.
  • Experience uploads — Have you ever taken a photo of the food that you ate at a fancy restaurant? Or maybe uploaded a photo of you trying on a new shirt at a store’s dressing room? Or have you flaunted online the room in which you would be staying for the next few days for your staycation? These uploads are very effective because it means that a thumbs up has been given by you. Later on, their friends could have an idea to also try it.

5. Let users contact you

With Facebook, it’s very easy to communicate with your customers. In fact, the Internet has connected people from miles and miles away. There are three ways in which you can do this:

  • Messenger — This is perhaps the go-to option as a business owner. It’s easy, convenient, and it doesn’t require a third party application.
  • Phone/Mobile number — When details are too much to be typed down and is better understood when said, this is your medium. Just make sure that your lines are open and that someone is ready to answer.
  • Email — When users are more active with their emails, this is how you should communicate with them. Also, heavy uploads are easier here. They look more formal. And lastly, you can also do email marketing wherein you can send them updates if they are subscribed to your newsletter.
  • Drop by — Most people also want to see a physical store when they want to know more about you. It gives them a more realistic feel of the product or service. Putting your address on your page is smart because they know they can visit you. Don’t forget to include your office hours!

Follow the tips we have provided and in no time, you’ll be seeing your sales skyrocket. Not only that, you will also be increasing your brand’s awareness. If you need any help, Skubbs is here to give you a hand with your social media marketing efforts. For enquiries, feel free to consult with any of our digital marketing specialists by dropping us a line at [email protected].

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