Any experienced social media marketer knows the holidays are a time to get creative with content. Throughout the calendar year it can be challenging to constantly create new and interesting content that your followers will appreciate. Holidays – both big and small – can provide a creative break from the monotony of your usual content, allow you to promote seasonal products and services, and better engage with your followers during a time when consumers expect a certain amount of sentiment from the brands they follow.

If you’re looking to leverage the holidays, particularly with the Fourth of July approaching, but aren’t quite sure how to make the most out of the integration, take a look at these social media capabilities:

User-Generated Content

Create a holiday campaign that allows your followers to get involved and produce shareable content of their own that your brand can use. You’ll need to brainstorm and answer the question – how can your followers better engage with your brand and create something of their own? Develop a branded holiday hashtag to accompany their content so you can easily find the posts and share them.

Contests and Giveaways

Get your followers engaged by running holiday-themed contests and giveaways. Loyal followers will look to brands for fun ways they can interact with you, and what better way than rewarding them for their loyalty than the chance to win something of value?

Perhaps you use this opportunity to promote a new or seasonal item from your brand. The Fourth of July is a great way to integrate summer products and services into your social media strategy. Consider asking followers to sign up for your company newsletter for the chance to win (allows you to build your email list and use them year round), or share a photo of themselves using one of your products with a unique hashtag.


Livestreaming allows your brand to pull back the curtains and give your followers a deeper look inside your company in real time. Take them behind the scenes at events, workshops, or an inside glimpse into the in-store experience. With the Fourth of July approaching, maybe your brand is hosting a party or event and you can use Facebook or Instagram livestreams to allow followers at home to feel like they’re right there with you. Social media “stories” are another great way to share in-the-moment video footage and photos with your audience. Get creative and consider activities like takeovers, a day in the life of employees or brand ambassadors, and any other concepts that your followers may find appealing.

Tailored Content

Blog posts, imagery, videos and campaigns can all be built around the holidays to provide valuable and timely information. Fourth of July-themed recipes, party preparations, outfit and make up inspiration are just some of the ways a brand can integrate the holidays into their content depending on your niche. Start with thinking about what activities and events your followers may be taking part in around the holiday. Then, how can you help shape your campaigns around their needs? What information can your brand provide that will spark your followers’ interest and get them to engage with your content?


Nothing says holiday quite like an exclusive discount and that is exactly what consumers are looking for when browsing their favorite brand’s social media channels surrounding an upcoming holiday. Use these times throughout the year to provide discounts, free shipping, ‘buy one get ones’ and other promotions that will save your customers some money and encourage sales, while building some brand loyalty at the same time.

What type of marketing techniques do you utilize during the holiday season? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.