This week, we covered on using Landing Page and EDM to convert your website’s visitors into  customers. Today we will be sharing on how Social Media Advertising is another great Digital Marketing tool you should definitely include in your online marketing strategy.

In today’s ever changing business landscape, Social Media is no longer optional for businesses if they want to grow their brand. Social Media plays a huge impact in changing your business’s online presence and when used correctly and effectively, you will be able to dramatically transform your brand’s online presence AND increase lead conversions.

What is Social Media Advertising?

Social Media Advertising is a form of online marketing that mainly focuses on promoting your products across social networks. It is a great way to establish your business, drive long-term results and it saves a lot time too. Social Media Advertising campaigns bring numerous advantages for your brand’s online presence and it is an inexpensive way to showcase your business and distribute content.

Why you should definitely include Social Media Advertising for your business:

✓ Improved brand recognition
✓ Build your brand and reach new customers
✓ Drive traffic
✓ Gain valuable customer insights
✓ Increase search engine results and rankings
✓ Boost customer loyalty for your business

There are many Social Media Advertising ad platforms that offer powerful targeting options so you can reach the right audience. These platforms let you track and measure the performance in your ads in real time and also provide insightful data about your audience.

If you are new to Social Media Advertising, these are the ad platforms that we would highly recommend:

1. Facebook Advertising

When you run highly targeted ads on Facebook, you can generate the attention you want at a minimal cost. Facebook’s powerful platform allows you to focus your ads on specific demographics, geographic locations and interest categories that match the customers that are most likely to purchase your products. Your ad will appear on their news feed, making it easy for them to take your offer.

2. Instagram Advertising

Instagram was bought out by Facebook a few years back, therefore their ad platform shares many similar capabilities as Facebook: your ads are targeted to customers by their age, interests, behaviour and locations – the only difference Instagram has from Facebook is that it’s a visual content platform. Instagram ads also offer a promising conversion rate. As long as your product is visually engaging, you could drive purchases which are beneficial for your ROI.

Choose The Right Social Media Platform For Your Business

Increasing your customer base through Social Media starts with choosing the right platform for your business. When you understand the target audience for your business and the kind of Social Media platform they engage with, it can dramatically increase your conversion rates.

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