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In venturing your business online, the most important source of information of how your business is going are insights. Depending on the platform that you’re on, it all varies. Being on Facebook, you can consider the number of likes, shares, and comments that your posts get. You may also consider the organic reach that your posts achieve. If you’re on Instagram, details just change a bit. You can see how many people like your posts, how many profile visits you have garnered, and the like.

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Online businesses depend on social proof to establish good quality products and services. One of the most common form of social proof is when the consumer posts your product on their feed or talks about your service. Another way is by getting good reviews on different platforms. Let’s talk about Google Reviews for your business.

1. Setting Up Your Google My Business

Setting Up Your Google My Business

Setting Up Your Google My Business

Setting up your Google My Business is very simple, but you can only proceed on this if you’ve already claimed your Google My Business profile. On your homepage, you can see different tabs like “Posts”, “Info”, and “Insights”. Click on info. There, you will see valuable information about your business. Make sure you completely fill these up. You’ll never know what information a possible customer would be looking for. Also, make sure that these are correct. If there are days that your business is closed, put it there. Guarantee that your contact details are also correct so that you are reachable. Google has made it easy for online businesses that all possible queries about your business is just there for you to fill up.

2. Viewing Google Reviews on the GMB Dashboard

Viewing Google Reviews on the GMB Dashboard

Finding the “Reviews” is very easy because it’s literally just 2 tabs below “Info”. Here, you can see customer’s reviews and ratings on your business. These reviews are very useful for the growth of your business. You can know what are the strengths and weaknesses that your business possesses. You can sort it according to highest rating, lowest rating, and most recent. Just click on those three lines on the top right of the image.

There are three types of Google Reviews. The first one is just a rating which is measure by stars. The second one is a star review with a text accompanying it.

The third can only be viewed through the Knowledge Graph. To view that, search for your business’s reviews by googling “[brand name] reviews”. A Knowledge Graph would appear on the right of your screen just like the one below.

Viewing Google Reviews on the GMB Dashboard

Scroll down a bit and you should see this.


You’ll be able to see all reviews including the ones with customer photos. Voila! It’s that easy. Take a look at one below!

Viewing Google Reviews on the GMB Dashboard

3. Replying to Google Reviews

Your customers of course would want to feel a sort of connection with you. When they leave a review, good or bad, make sure that you reply to them. You can either thank them for positive reviews or, if they left a negative one, assure a better service or maybe ask how you can make things better. The reply button is just below their review.

4. Checking Your Conversions

Checking Your Conversions

To get further information about your business using Google My Business, just click on “Insights”. In this section of Google My Business, you can see information about your business that your consumers create. An example of this are the words that they use to look for your business online. Example, if you are a women’s apparel online store, then most probably your consumers would use the words “women’s apparel” or “dress” or even your brand name to look for you.

Checking Your Conversions

In this section, you can also how and where they search for you. You can also see what they do while they are on your page. There’s even a part that shows what your business is best known for.

5. Getting Reviews from your Customers

First of all, sync up your address on your website and social media business pages.

Your social media posts must always have Get Directions with link to Google Map. This way, once the customer reached the location, Google will send a push notification about reviewing the food / service.

Print out stickers and make it visible in your store / shop. Incentivize user to get a free something on their next purchase when they post a review.

Leverage on your customer database. The best way to start is by asking reviews from your patrons. They will be more than happy to give their recommendations and also, they tend to gives a more deep-connection review about their relationship with you as an owner or your service towards them.

Google My Business truly is a very useful platform for your business especially if you are getting insights on how user engage with your business using Google.

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