Google Algorithm Update

Google confirmed a small update to its algorithm in September 27, 2018. This update is a further enhancement to its prior major update dubbed “the Medic update” which affected medical, clinics and health-care related websites.

Effects of algorithm updates such as this one can be permanent for sites exercising questionable and blackhat practices as the update is meant to capture exactly those bad practices. On the other hand, sites that are clean from malicious behavior will usually regain the lost rankings in three weeks or once the updates settles.

If you’re one of our SEO clients, here’s what to expect

  1. There will be a decrease in keyword ranking BUT expect that this is only temporary while the algorithm re-calculate and weed out non-SEO conforming websites.
  2. We are prepared for this. Do not worry.

At Skubbs, our practices adhere to Google facilitated guidelines. We do not practice blackhat SEO.

Simply put, the only way to counter this algorithm shake is to move forward as usual and maintain the usual activities. Aggressive reaction to this type of algorithm changes can only lead to a more confused algorithm which could worsen the situation.

Our action items:

  • link building
  • blog updates
  • further page enhancements
  • monitor for improvement. We will keep you updated once the algorithm stabilizes on your website.

The Impact for non-conforming websites

Significant decrease in Organic traffic, drop in keyword ranking and position, diminishing visibility on relevant search terms or a combination thereof. If unattended, they can expect less and less enquiries / leads coming in from the website and, ultimately loss of customer and market share in Google.

Feel free to pass this information.