As technology advances more and more, today’s consumers are equally becoming wiser when it comes to their purchasing decisions. The Internet gives people a platform to turn into in terms of scouring information about a product or service before actually moving to the next step of their consumer journey. This capability has given consumers the power to make better purchase decisions, which in turn tightened each market’s competition among players.

This is especially true for businesses like Active Hearing Center. As they offer products and services in the health industry, customers feel the need to be more discerning when it comes to their decisions. How does Active Hearing Center continue to overcome this challenge? Read on to find out.

Active Hearing Center is a premiere hearing care center in the Philippines and the exclusive distributor of Signia hearing aids in the country. Their vision is to connect people by improving their quality of life. In the year 2007, Active Hearing Center started opening its first retail outlets. To date, the brand now has 14 retail outlets along with 7 affiliated hospitals and clinics nationwide.

Over the years, Active Hearing Center saw the changing behaviour of their target market. Customers used to find the brand advertised on traditional mediums such as newspapers, radio ads, and even yellow pages. But the platforms where people spend most of their times have already shifted—majority of Active Hearing Center’s target now refer to the Internet for information about their services.

Ms. Giannina Ocampo-Van Hoven, the Chief Marketing Officer of Active Hearing Center, understood the necessity to adapt to the market’s changing needs. As a marketing expert and millennial herself, she knew this was inevitable in order to keep their vision on track. 

This was when Skubbs came into the picture. As a means to extend its help to more people who are in need of proper guidance when it comes to improving their quality of hearing, the brand needed itself to be more accessible. However, simply being online isn’t enough to reach their target customers. Active Hearing Center’s perfectly curated website still needed help with strengthening its online presence in order to vie for Google’s attention. Skubbs made use of expert SEO strategies to place Active Hearing Center’s web pages at the top of search engine result pages (SERP). This led to a boost in website traffic, which means the brand’s services are now more known and available to a wider set of audience. In Giannina’s words, “These SEO tactics went above and beyond in generating leads to our website and into our stores.”

Apart from SEO, Skubbs also suggested to make use of SEM tools in achieving Active Hearing Center’s marketing goals further. Using our expert command of Google Adwords, we helped the brand run successful seasonal promotions. Cases in point were their Mother’s Day and Father’s Day campaigns, wherein Active Hearing Center web pages appeared at the top of the search results when Google users from specific locations would search “hearing centers near me”. These campaigns resulted in record-breaking months for Active Hearing Center.

It’s been a year since we started working with Active Hearing Center. According to Giannina,

“Skubbs is a very dedicated team who goes above and beyond to understand their client’s needs. They’re always trying to exceed their targets. They understand the need to deliver comprehensive reports and analytics and are brave enough to suggest marketing strategies when they find opportunities in the data.”

Ever since the start of the engagement, there has been a significant increase in the demand for Active Hearing Center’s services. The brand has already opened 2 retail branches and 2 hospital branches during the engagement period, not to mention they have 2 more retail branches in the works. Ms. Giannina Ocampo-Van Hoven, together with her team of passionate hearing professionals, continues to strive in their pursuit of making hearing health services available to more people in the Philippines. And just like what we always say, our clients’ success is our success too. All thanks to Active Hearing Center for trusting us—our fulfilment lies in knowing that more people now have access to the best quality of hearing health care.