EDM Marketing Campaign Service

Power up your email distribution and convert prospects into leads like clockwork.


EDM stands for Electronic Direct Mail. It is more than just email communication and makes use of different communication platforms to relay and reinforce the campaign message. It can be part of a PPC campaign, remarketing campaign, social media campaign and even offline campaign.


Introducing our eEDM Marketing services which helps to target deliberate buyers/customers who base the decision making process on facts and a developed relationship with the seller. Our services takes into consideration all email interactions as an opportunity for marketing and opportunity generation. Using automation tools with customer interactions to develop specific contextual marketing messaging to prime/warm-up the prospect for effective conversions.

We see email marketing as a standalone marketing platform equal to its more popular Search Engine and Social Media Marketing systems which are catered for the impulsive buyer type.

By enhancing the EDM with a planned and consistent branding voice as well as pushing relevant content will enable better interactions to drive more open rates and clicks which can in itself be used as a marketing channel for third parties creating additional revenue streams.

Let’s make technology work for you!


EDM marketing can offer unique benefits to your marketing methodology and Skubbs is here to help you execute this swiftly.

edm marketing

✔ Sales Activation

Take advantage of impulse buyers during their first visit to your store by offering exclusive coupon code.

✔ Lead Nurturing

Let us help you move cold leads to warm leads so you can stay on the other end of the line waiting for sales-ready customers to convert.

✔ Event-based

Make your customers feel loved by sending birthdays / anniversaries greetings tied to with offers, reminders for their subscription expiry on exclusive event invites.

✔ Survey and Feedback request

Reviews are social currency for restaurants or any service-based industry nowadays. We make sure that happy customers can attract more business to you.

Top Talents on a Budget You Can Afford

Looking to hire a remotely dedicated staff to report only to you? Skubbs Studio has the world’s best talents to build your remote team around.



Skubbs has already worked on countless EDM Marketing campaigns. Some you of them you can see as highlighted.

✔ Infiniti Jewel by Diastar

Push out exclusive event invites to tradeshow to customers and leads on their database. This fosters a good relationship and brand recall amongst its clientele for this diamond jewellery brand. The effort had shown increase in enquiry sales on the spot from highly narrowed audience acquired from their CRM database. We strategically set an email reminder to ensure high attendance.

✔ A car finance company

Create a sense of urgency for acquired leads to convert into customers by pushing out exclusive, time-sensitive offer based on their car ownership data where all information gathered have clear terms of use from the user. Other campaign includes refer a friend promotions, tactical campaigns involving contest with cash prizes.

✔ BBQHouse

The campaign objective is mainly to re-engage with inactive customers who haven’t bought in the online store for a definitive period of time. The campaign had brought back 30% of customers and the increase in sales attributed to 15% of monthly revenue. The campaign later on has expanded to forge the brand to make BBQhouse synonymous to satay, push out season-based promotions and incentivize repeat purchase form active customers.

✔ A pawn shop with over 40+ branches Islandwide

The eDM channel is tied up with inbound campaign promoting its very first luxury brands sale event to collect audience database and send out exclusive coupons to be used for in-store purchases during the event. Event reminders are scheduled to ensure high event participation. Giveaways trough user-generated content on social media is created in order to boost lead generation drive. This and incorporating various learnings from the first campaign has yielded 3x more leads in the second round a few months later.

✔ A Business Process Outsourcing company

Campaign focused on reaching out to cold leads database and moving to warm leads before passing to sales team for engagement and follow up. This in turn created a more efficient marketing outreach and workflow. The big part of is educating the prospect and walking them through the benefits and presenting use cases to their business. This workflow is programmed to be automated where contacts are segmented based on their stages in the pipeline and the marketing message they ought to get in order to prepare them for sales engagement

Why Skubbs for EDM Marketing in Singapore?

Skubbs will do the following for you; 1. Database audit and email clean up. 2. Email designs that are responsive to all screens and e-mail provider. 3. A/B testing and Actionable Reporting Insights. 4. Email Automation and Workflow creation. 5. User-based reporting on how they engaged after reading and visiting your website. 6. Heatmap where user clicked to gauge the interest and recipient sentiment. 7. Business and Branding Consultation

Packages and Pricing

SMS Blast Marketing CRM + Marketing Automation and eDM Email Send out
$600 $850 per month $900 per month
  • .060 cents per SMS (160 char limit)
  • SMS Message writing
  • SMS contact clean up and port over
  • Open, Read and Un-sent/Inactive number campaign report
  • Lead Form and Lead scoring
  • Site event footprints, pages visited, content engaged and triggers to automatically send an email or alert
  • Automation triggers based on events e.g. cart abandonment
  • Mailchimp, up to 1800 contact
  • 1x Email Design, screen responsive
  • Campaign Performance Report
  • List of contact who made conversions intent e.g. open <3x, visited pricing page, shared the email, proceeds to sent an enquiry after reading the newsletter, made a purchase online, etc..

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