Design is one of the most important parts of a website. It’s going to be what your users would be interacting with mostly. They’re going to scroll through your website, navigate through different pages, and click on various links. This is where your website design would be of utmost importance. After reading this, you might want to reevaluate your website design and check for any red flags. Here are a few things that you must give extra attention to when it comes to website design.

1. A sense of security

website security

As an e-commerce site, users are going to be interacting with you to make a purchase. They would browse through your products and services. At the end of it all, they would have to provide valuable information like credit card numbers, addresses, and the like. You want to ensure that you provide a sense of security to them. You want to guarantee them that no malware, identity theft, or distribution of personal information would happen. This can be achieved by making use of SSL and making it known to users that you have in place for security by displaying a reassuring SSL badge somewhere near where the valuable information is needed.

2. Payment processing

payment process

After searching your website and have chosen what to buy, they would now have to process their orders. One of the most important and ** part of this process is the payment. You have to give the users different options on how they would like to pay you. For instance, some would most likely prefer to use their credit and debit cards. While there are also others that prefer to use Paypal because they find it more secure. There are also some who prefer to pay via cash.

3. The shipping

shipping option

Okay so after choosing the product they want and processing their payment, they would then proceed to the shipping portion of their shopping experience. Shipping is very ideal for users because it’s one of the things that makes e-commerce convenient. While this is convenient for them, this may be a bit tricky on your side. You would have to work with third parties. Errors will be made and these errors could eventually give a bad impression on your business’ image. Your website design needs to tell the users how the shipping process is going. Has the order been set? Has the products been delivered? Are they on their way? Where is it now? Most users, excited and all of their new items, want to be updated on where their packages are.

4. Product reviews

product reviews

This portion can go about in two ways — before the purchase and after the purchase. Before the purchase, most users would want to look at reviews given by other users to know what they’re getting at. They want to guarantee themselves a good product. After the purchase, they would want to give out reviews themselves. Most of the time, this doesn’t just include the product, but also their entire experience. Was it easy to process? How fast was it shipped? Does it look like how it does online? While this may be risky because you may receive negative comments, this could also be a learning experience on your part while, at the same time, you are establishing trust with the users by being open to criticism and reviews.

💡 Idea:

You can use a a star rating system to make it easier for users to view and review.

5. Navigation


Easy navigation is important to all users. They wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time looking for a section of your site. It should be in plain sight, easily seen, perhaps in the header of your page. It should be quick to access and doesn’t require a lot of clicking and going through many pages.

You may also want to use a filter that users can use. For example, if the user wants to look for the cheapest item, you can add a filter that categorizes the products from cheapest to highest. Or if they want items just for men, you can add that too.

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