RapidFire CRM + Sales & Marketing Automation

RapidFire CRM + Sales & Marketing Automation

Redefine your customers’ shopping experience.

The most common mistake businesses make when marketing their product is using the same tactic across all types of customers. Amidst this day and age where the marketplace has become increasingly saturated, consumers are looking for value-added products and services. This is where personalisation comes in. In order to attract customers, you must get to know them and talk to them like they’re the only customer out there.

Our effective marketing strategy for ecommerce: Our RapidFire CRM Sales and Marketing Automation can drive in customers at every stage of buying journey. Help customers see what they are looking for. Maintain loyal customers and improve conversion rates!


We are a trusted digital creative agency offering proven solutions including CRM + Sales & Marketing Automation in Singapore.  You can visit us at 400 Orchard Road #09-08. We have a team of CRM + Sales & Marketing Automation experts ready to realise your dream of having a working and effective lead magnet.

How does it work?

Streamline your customer interaction workflow so you can drive more traffic, serve them better, and keep them coming back to your website. From acquisition to advocacy, our CRM is a proven-effective system that produces measurable results.

✔ Recover abandoned carts

7 out of 10 shoppers will leave your store without making a purchase. That’s a whopping 70% that should’ve been part of your profit! CRM can help you can bring them back to your site up until they reach the very end of checkout.

✔ Retrieve lost customers and reward loyal ones

Reactivate lost customers using coupon promos. In the same way, you can reward your loyal customers with exclusive discounts and turn them into product advocates.

✔ Encourage repeat sales through upsells and cross-sells

Keep in touch with your customers and strategically reach out to them when it’s about time to repurchase or try a new product. Create personalised push marketing automations that would persuade referrals and more.

✔ Send messages triggered by customer actions

Be able to send out consistent messages across digital media platforms. Target customers based on past purchases, frequently viewed items, pages visited, and many more.

✔ Seamless transaction

Manage transactions easily by automating orders, fulfillment, and recording. This way, you focus more on scaling your business, while we focus on improving your services.

If you have an ecommerce or online store, this is a MUST HAVE. Keep in mind that 70% of first time visitor DON’T buy right away. We can influence their buying behaviour and consider making that first purchase.

Top Talents on a Budget You Can Afford

Looking to hire a remotely dedicated staff to report only to you? Skubbs Studio has the world’s best talents to build your remote team around.

Supported Platforms

  wordpress woocommerce stripe shopify paypal magento bigcommerce

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