Brochure Design Services

Brochure Design Services

An effective brochure design will make people want to know more about your product.


A brochure is a foldable sheet that is useful when launching your brand, marketing your products or services, and spreading valuable information about your company. It is a perfect when you like to use lengthy pieces of content and if you have a specified set of target consumers based on geography.

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Think of websites, but hard copy. Your brochure is your offline site where readers can find anything they want to know about your brand. A brochure contains your products or services, your contact details, and the rest of the necessary information about your business. You can display it in booths or stores, hand it out during events and activations, or simply keep one in your office lobby.


While brochures are no doubt effective in its own special ways, you still have to ensure that it is well crafted in order to maximize its advantages. Here are a few important guidelines that we take note of in creating a highly effective brochures.

  • ✔ Attractive cover
    First page induces a lasting impression. Get it wrong and it’s almost automatically a lost sale. We will make sure that every copy and every tiny detail of its visuals are well curated in order to motivate your readers to look further inside.
  • ✔ Comprehensive content
    Because your brochure acts as your sales kit, it has to speak for itself. We will make sure that your brochure is comprehensive enough even when there is no available sales person around to explain the details of your offerings.
  • ✔ Fit to your brand personality
    Creativity still has its limitations. We will make sure to develop your brochures while keeping in mind your brand voice and personality.
  • ✔ Worth keeping
    Good brochures trigger readers to keep them, or better yet, pass it on to another prospect client. We will make sure that yours is creative and informative enough to make them want to keep it.
  • ✔ Actionable
    The most important characteristic of an effective brochure is its power to persuade the readers to act upon your objectives. We will make sure that your brochure will serve its very purpose, whether it’s to make them buy your product or avail your service, we will make it happen.

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