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Retargeting Your Social Media Ads to Success

So yesterday you learnt what Remarketing is all about. Today we will be sharing on another powerful tool that can help you to close your leads into customers: introducing Retargeting. What is Retargeting? Retargeting is a form of online advertising that involves putting your ads in front of your website visitors who have already visited […]

5 Ways to Create a Lead Capture Magnet

ICYMI: Yesterday we discussed on how having an outstanding website can help you to convert website visitors into leads. Now that you’ve got a website covered, how can you convert MORE visitors into leads? How can you keep your customers engaged and ensure they don’t end up on your competitor’s site?

How to Turn Your Website Visitors into Leads

In our first part of our Big Rock content, we shared how Digital Marketing tools such as; keywords, blog, social media and newsletter can help you to attract strangers into visitors on your website. In our second part this week, we will be sharing the tools you can use to convert these visitors, which you […]