In our previous Big Rock content series, we discussed how you can grow your number of customers with Social Media Advertising. Today, we will be sharing on how you can use Remarketing for your pay-per-click ads to help you close your leads into customers.

In this quick video overview, you will get to understand what Remarketing is all about and how you can use this powerful and cost-effective tool to help you raise your brand profile AND increase your sales conversions.

What are some of the strategies you can use for your Remarketing campaign? Here are some useful tips:

  • Target all your website visitors and app users
    The most effective and basic way to remarket? Set your ad campaign to reach any audience sources that has visited your website or used your app.

  • Tailor your ads to your remarketing strategy
    Your creative strategy for your ad campaign is just as important as your remarketing list strategy. Things to consider: Is your ad’s content relevant to the audience you are reaching out to? Does your ad have the same look and feel as your site? Is your call-to-action compelling enough to attract your attract to take actions?

  • Use responsive ads
    Whether your audience is on a desktop or mobile, having responsive ads can automatically adjust their size, appearance and format to fit any available ad space so your ads can easily reach out to anyone on any devices. These ads also help to save time and ensure that the best ad format shows across different ad spaces.

  • Broaden your location and language targeting
    Your website visitors may be multilingual and they may access your website from all around the world so it’s important that your ad campaign settings are selected to target all languages. When selecting your location retargeting, keep in mind that you should be able to serve customers in the regions you target.

  • Schedule your ads when your visitors are most likely to see them
    Ad scheduling lets you select certain hours or days of the week when you want your ads to show so that you can reach your customers while they are awake and online to see your ads.

If you are considering to advertise online, we would highly recommend any business of any scale to invest in Remarketing. When used correctly, Remarketing delivers amazing and effective results for your brand.

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