Finding the Best Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business

In order to succeed in your digital venture, you got to have a team completely dedicated to it. Sure, you can do it by yourself, but without enough time and knowledge, your efforts could still flop. DIY-ing your campaigns can be a bad idea, and we suggest that you don’t do it. As industry expects, we highly recommend that you look for a digital marketing agency who can work with you and assign a dedicated team that will handle your online accounts. This will enable you to rest assured that all your advertising budget will yield a good return on investment.

But what makes a good digital marketing agency? How do you look for a good team? Before you go asking that, we’ve listed a few things you must do first before looking for one.

  1. Know your company’s needs — You have to find out which area you need help with. What do you want to achieve? Both you and the digital marketing agency must have the same vision for your business to assure that you’re both on the right page and headed to the same goal.
  2.  Do your homework — There are a lot (and we do mean a lot) of agencies out there that are looking for clients. Some of them may just want the cash while some of them may truly want to help you succeed. Do your part by making your research. Get to know their work ethics, their previous clients, and the projects they have completed. But hey, don’t just look at the results. If you can, look at how they were able to achieve these. Numbers does not necessarily mean that they are the right agency for you, nor does industry tenure mean that the agency is always up to date with digital marketing trends.
  3. Prepare for a long-term commitment — Digital marketing requires meticulous research and intense strategising. It may take you a long time before you can see results. So prepare huge amount of patience for this part.
  4. Get ready to give feedback — Feedback should come from both sides—the agency and the client. Are you content with what they are doing? Do you want to try something new? Do you have an idea that you think will work well for your campaign? It’s you how knows your brand best after all. Your consultants are just there to guide and execute your decisions.

So now, let’s answer the question—how do you look for a good digital marketing team?

  1. Are they adaptable? — They should be able to keep up with, or better yet stay ahead of, the competition. In the digital world, everything is always changing. As the frontrunners of this industry, the team should learn how to efficiently maneuver through the platform.
  2. Are they flexible? — Whether companies like to admit it or not, there are companies that have their own expertise that are above par. When you know what your company needs, you are able to choose an agency that would be the best solution to your problems.
  3. Do they know how to analyse insights? — The best thing about advertising online is that you get definite results. That’s why insights are very important in digital marketing. This way, you are able to understand how things are going for your business. You know which efforts work and which ones don’t. A good agency should be able to translate these numbers into actionable steps for you.
  4. Do they know how to integrate design with marketing? — The foundation of a great website, social media ads, and other online collaterals lie not only on its content but also on its design and overall structure. Yes, content is informative, but the fact is that users usually scroll down pages without really dwelling on the content at first. They need something to catch their eyes before deciding to spend a few minutes to actually absorb them. These are all part of a puzzle that creates the business’ online image. A good digital marketing agency takes note of the importance of branding knows how to integrate the business’ goals, voice, and message across all collaterals.
  5. Are they easy to communicate with? — Digital marketing agencies, in fact all companies, usually have someone to speak in their behalf and directly to the client (you). This person should be able to communicate your requirements to the whole team without removing or adding any other elements. They should also learn to negotiate with their team and know how to compromise with you. Their job is no easy one, but a truly significant one.

May these five questions you can ask yourself in choosing a digital marketing agency be helpful in getting that right one just for you. Maybe Skubbs is the one you’ve been looking for? Drop us a message at [email protected].