3 Mistakes a Business Owner is Guilty Of

Business owners are humans as well. And as on, it is inevitable that they make mistakes. While this true, we still can’t take away the fact that most often than not, these mistakes costs an awful lot of money. So before we settle with charging it to experience, we’re already giving you a heads up.

Here are three mistakes that business owners are guilty of.

1. Failing to plan

One thing everyone must always do before they venture to their destination is to plan. Think of travelling. Usually, people come up itineraries and checklists of the things they should not forget to pack. As the owner, it is your responsibility to plan for your business too, so plan for the future. You see, failing to plan is planning to fail.

How you can avoid it: Lay it all out. Where do you plan to get your working capital? What’s your marketing game plan? How do you plan to operate your business efficiently? Think of all the risks you may encounter. Think of your competition. Know what they are doing that works, which aren’t, and incorporate these to your business. Have a realistic and practical timeline as well. Set smart objectives—your short-term and long-term goals—that you want accomplish.

2. Thinking that posting on Facebook daily is enough

When you decide 5o go digital, the number one platform that you would perhaps immediately consider is Facebook. Since a large amount of people use the social networking site, it is only wise that you choose it. With Facebook, you are able to post whatever content you want. There are many media you can choose from and also many ways on how they would appear.

However, it should be noted that posting daily is not enough. You have to make sure that what you put out generates leads and encourages engagement with the users. It shouldn’t be just for the sake of posting. It should, first and foremost, look appealing and meaningful — something that would lure them to check you out and enquire.

How you can avoid it: Get into your insights section and study them thoroughly. Look at your previous posts and see which one received the most engagement and which one received the least. Come up with more posts that pulls users to communicate with you. Also, find the most optimal time to post — probably the time when most of your target audience are online and scrolling through their feeds.

3. DIY-ing your campaign

“They look easy. I bet I can do it myself. It’s just a matter of posting content online. It should be a piece of cake.” If you as an owner has this way of thinking then you may have just committed the biggest mistake for your business. Doing your campaign can be very tedious. It requires hours of conceptualization, planning out ad campaigns, researching, revising content over and over again, scheduling posts, catering to the right target market, and also responding to users about any enquiries they may have. Moreover, you have to learn how to decipher insights and how you can use this to make your business better. Social media campaigns requires an adept digital marketer.

How you can avoid it: Hire a digital marketing agency. They’ll get their hands dirty for you. There are many agencies out there and it’s just about finding the right fit for your business. Skubbs offers services that can help you with running your campaign. Get in touch with us at [email protected].

We can’t prevent making mistakes. It is only human that we make them. What matters most is that you learn from them and avoid as much as you can in order to create a better version of your business in the future. May you pick up a thing or two from these mistakes and strive hard to not make them again!